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Sophia Peng, MD FASAM is a board member of ISAM and an academic hospitalist who specializes in the care of hospitalized patients with SUD. Dr. Peng is an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Psychiatry and Community Behavior Sciences at Rush University. She is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine.


Dr. Peng obtained a medical doctorate degree from Pennsylvania State University and completed an Internal Medicine residency at Emory University. Her experience caring for hospitalized patients with Substance Use Disorder in central Ohio and Colorado inspired her to get specialized training in addiction medicine. She served on the first Addiction Medicine Inpatient Consult Service at the University of Colorado and on the Substance Use Interventional Team (SUIT) at Rush University.


Dr. Peng is passionate about education and health policy reform. She is the ED/Hospital Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) Project Leader at Rush Substance Use Disorder, Center of Excellence. She educates community physicians and hospitals on adopting MOUD practices. She enjoys teaching and mentoring different learners such as medical residents, students, and APPs. She is a subject matter expert for the Rush Interdisciplinary MOUD ECHO fellowship. She collaborates with the Rush Palliative Care Department to develop a model to treat patients with complex chronic pain and addiction medicine needs. She completed a Leadership in Health Policy and Advocacy Program (LEAHP) with the Society of General Internal Medicine and serves on the ASAM delegation to the AMA. As an ISAM board member, Dr. Peng hopes to advocate for state-level legislation that destigmatizes addiction medicine practice and improves SUD treatment access.

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