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Andrea G. Barthwell, MD, DFASAM

2020 Message from Dr. Andrea Barthwell to Medallion Recipients and ASAM Members

Dear ASAM members and Ruth Fox Memorial Endowment Fund (RFMF) Donors:


As I write this year’s letter of THANK YOU to our new milestone donors, and send a kind thank you to all of our previous donors, I am proud to be a member of this society that is doing so much, with so little, to assist some of the most vulnerable in society as we all respond to and deal with the Coronavirus pandemic and the changes to daily life in America and the world. Normally this thank you is delivered at a small, elegant (as first designed by Claire Osman with her style and grace) gathering at our ASAM Annual Conference. But times have changed and this year we gather in front of our computer screens and get educated about how things are changing in the world of addiction medicine and get our annual dose of updates and renewal. ASAM members as a group carry on and continue to be dedicated to our work and overcoming the challenges associated with addiction. More is needed and we need support, individually and collectively, to continue to expand access to care through development of the workforce, support the work of our society and ensure its future, and nurture interest in addiction medicine among the young and early career physicians and physician-scientists. This is the work of the Ruth Fox Memorial Endowment Fund.


I believe in us and am confident that ASAM will continue to pursue these goals despite the challenges of today. This work is only possible because of your year after year generosity. When Max Schneider asked me to carry on following his leadership example I was honored to have been invited. And, each and every one of you have made this the easiest job I have ever done. I continue to be proud of our Board because of their leadership in giving to ASAM. They join me, and the Ruth Fox Memorial Endowment Fund Committee in thanking the following members for their milestone gifts: Gold Circle 2020 Mary P. Hauser, MA Bronze Circle 2020 Gregory X. Boehm, MD, DFASAM Joseph M. Garbely, DO, DFASAM Brian Hurley, MD, MBA, DFASAM Timothy Wiegand, MD, FACMT, FAACT, DFASAM Aleksandra E. Zgierska, MD, PhD, DFASAM Elizabeth “Beth” Howell, MD, DFASAM and the Ruth Fox Memorial Endowment Fund Scholarship committee continue to engage in outstanding work in selection of our annual scholarship recipients.


I am renewed annually by my contact with friends who for decades have shared my passion for this work. I’m so sorry this year that I am not going to see you, hug you, break bread with you, and learn with you due to our need to connect online and Shelter-In-Place. Despite the limitations against physical contact, I feel more connected to you and our work than ever before because of your generosity and continued support.


All my best,

Andrea G Barthwell, MD, DFASAM

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